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The original Penn station

Penn station, an astounding train station in midtown Manhattan was designed by architect Charles McKim and officially opened on August 29, 1910. The station was one of the first to include separate waiting rooms for arriving and departing passengers, and was among the city's largest public spaces. The original building covered eight acres in midtown Manhattan, with the waiting room ceilings reaching 148 feet high.

The demolition of the original Penn station began on October 28, 1963. Penn Station terminal and the waiting was demolished, leaving only the original 1900s tunnels, tracks, platforms and electric traction which continue to be used today.

, was torn down 50 years ago resulting in a crowded and dark Penn station. The client, ReThink Penn Station, aimed to draw public attention to the beauty and functionality of the original design if it were to stand today.

Nova acted as visual consultant to our client throughout the process, enabling them to enhance fundraising and work towards fulfilling their mission.

Aim of the project

The client, ReThink Penn Station is campaigning to draw public attention to the beauty and functionality of the original design of Penn station if it were to stand today. Nova Concepts worked closely with ReThink to conceptualize their ideas…..

Nova website - plan the precise details and rebuild the entire Penn station virtually.The design aimed to replicate the station through a series of advanced visualization technologies.

The process

Our goal for this project was to replicate the details of the original Penn station, therefore the starting point was to gather as much information about the original station as we could.

Starting point public photos - not enough detail

Original blueprints - at the New York Historical Society (NYHS)

Using over 3000 photographs collected we began to model the details, with the first draft completed a month later.


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