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The power of rendering within drone footage

What is Aerial Animation?

Aerial animation in architectural visualization is a digital technique of inserting unbuilt architectural buildings (CGI) into aerial video footage, captured via drone or helicopter. This technique is used to illustrate the the existing urban context through

showing all the elements of the surrounding environment to be able to provide an effective perception of the outside, through a view from above or through a vision at eye level

What are the benefits of Aerial Animation?

Ground level photographs cannot fully convey the size of a majestic home or the scenery on a large piece of property. A bird’s eye view can allow prospective buyers to appreciate the size and scope of a building and the surrounding landscape. Aerial 3D renders can also include those elements of the building that can’t be seen from the street view. For example, aerial 3D renderings can let you view the rooftop terraces or gardens in the property from various angles. This allows the viewer to see the potential development of areas in the future from different angles. This can include additional key aspects of what makes that community attractive to purchase, such as the proximity to certain features of the community site; major roads connecting to the community, friendly parks, stunning lakes, etc. These visuals may also show the proximity to good schools, restaurants, night life, city life, etc. All key features that are important in the buyer

Aerial Animation is especially helpful for cityscape scenarios. Each building is part of a city and can’t stand alone.

For architects, aerial animation helps people to understand how your design impacts the city.

For developers, aerial animation can help you to deliver your vision to the public, city council and increase the value of your property.

For marketing agencies, aerial animation is a powerful asset to help you to convey your messages to the buyers and increase sales and market value.

What is the process to create an aerial animation?

1. Use 3D model/scene to decide flying paths for drone footage

2. Extract 3D camera from drone footage and overlay into position in the 3d model.

3. Render out video of the fly-through animation and remove any unwanted elements from drone footage

4. Overlay animation video on top of drone footage

5. Post-production


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